St. Joseph

  • Hour 3 of 3-19-20
  • Today on this feast day of St. Joseph, we invite you to consider a Consecration to this great saint. Fr. Donald Calloway joins the show to tell you about it. We need St. Joseph in our lives more than ever! This is a fantastic way to get to know him and to make him a closer part of your life. You can learn more about it here. Even if you have consecrated yourself to Mary already, Drew and Father explain why it is still so important to start this Consecration to St. Joseph.
  • There are positive steps being made to counteract this virus. The president has put the FDA in charge of looking into Remsdesivir and Chloroquine as possibilities. They may not be, but it is at least a chance they could help. Dr. Stephen Hahn of the FDA explained that those people who have already been exposed to the COVID-19 could be used to help future patients; hear what he says. VP Pence said that testing is becoming more and more available. Dr. Bob Tiballi gives insight on this.