St. Paul City Counsel votes for Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

  • Hour 1 of 3-6-20
  • Brian Gibson joins Drew to discuss a startling and morally depraved action being taken in St. Paul, MN. They have voted to have an Abortion Provider Appreciation Day. On top of this, hear what actor Busy Phillips had to say about her abortion at age 15. She certainly needs prayer. Learn what you can do to change hearts and minds on the issue of life, and pray for an end to abortion in the country and world. Brian shares a story of a woman who was dragged into a Planned Parenthood clinic even though she was about to leave.
  • Peter Grandich joins Drew to talk about the financial fallout from the Coronavirus. He explains that the country has focused far too much on the stock market’s success, and we are paying for it. While he’s the first to admit he’s not always right, his accuracy on markets and the economy has been astounding, especially when you compare it to what many others were saying at the same time. One just needs to have read his new years commentary, where upon he said and I quote: “Knowing that death and taxes are the only true certainties, I do believe that when this bubble bursts in the relative not-too-distant future, that which follows will be America’s most difficult economic, political and social era ever. Accordingly, my generation (age 63) is not likely to see a significant financial asset bull market again in their lifetimes.”