Super Tuesday primary

  • Hour 1 of 3-4-20
  • Yesterday was quite a showing for Joe Biden, and he appears to have bounced back after many thought his campaign was hopeless! Sen. Sanders continues to plug away and has vowed that he will take on the establishment. On the other hand, Mayor Bloomberg is out and will be backing Biden. It seems as if all that campaign spending didn’t do much! Who will pull off the ultimate victory, and if it is Biden, does he have a chance against President Trump? Tim Carney has insight.
  • The DOW plunged last week due to the Coronavirus, and it scared so many people wanting to sell back their stock! The markets seem to be going up now since Biden did so well last night. However, the fact that the fed cut rates has concerned analysts. Jim Cramer of CNBC is admitting he is nervous now! Listen to what Terrence Herr reports.
  • Well this is alarming! Sen. Chuck Schumer has threatened Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch in regards to their potential pro-life vote on a new Supreme Court case concerning abortion. This Louisiana case has potential to overturn Roe, which is causing the left to lose it. Now, the media has been silent on what Sen. Schumer said, but we’re not! Let’s pray for abortion to end as soon as possible. This case won’t be decided until the summer, but prayer is needed now. Catherine Glenn Foster reports.