The Catholic Church is expanding

  • Hour 3 of 3-31-20
  • Encouraging news that the number of Catholics is 3.3 billion! The Church is expanding, and the gates of hell will never prevail against her. Please prayerfully consider becoming Catholic; search for the truth and God will give you the grace to find it. The bad news, however, is that the number of vocations to priesthood and religious life are going down. We should pray for good priests to serve our growing Church.  Fr. Paul Sullins reflects on these stats and gives his thoughts. He talks about how there is a problem in the Church where the majority of priests are older. Let’s not lose hope though. God can make good out of anything, and He might use this crisis to bring some good out of it. Even people who haven’t been praying before are starting to pray!
  • Listen to President Trump’s daily press briefing with the Coronavirus task force.