The coming collapse of China/Year of St. Joseph

  • Hour 3 of 3-5-20
  • Gordon Chang reports on the collapse of China, which may be sooner than some think. The Coronavirus has hit them economically and has left many of them out of work and without hope. On top of that, with changing demographics, their one child policy leaves many questions about their future generations left unanswered. Could their numbers and economy continue to suffer? Get access to these questions and more.
  • Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay tells Drew about the Year of St. Joseph, which was inspired by Fr. Donald Calloway’s Consecration to St. Joseph. Now more than ever, the world needs St. Joseph to help us pick up the broken pieces. Though his words were not recorded in Scripture, his actions spoke loudly. In an age where men are put down, St. Joseph reminds fathers of the importance of their vocation. Fr. Mike Brennan from the Shrine of St. Joseph joins Drew to tell the audience about the miracles which have been answered at the Shrine! You can submit your prayers here.