The Miracle Hunter for March 8, 2020

Miracle News – 79 Year-Old Italian Priest Flies Plane over Quarantined Victims of the Coronavirus in Italy to Give Blessing.  The Congregation for the Causes of Saints to Meet in Rome to Discuss Whether or Not American Military Chaplain, Fr. Emil Kapaun Will Be Declared Venerable

Fr. Paul Mueller – Vice Director of The Vatican Observatory and Superior of the Jesuit Community. SIGNAL DETECTED FROM OUTER SPACE

Trivia – Which planet’s name was also the name of the first pope to change his name, becoming Pope John II?

Question of the Week –  Is the Green Scapular an approved devotion in our Catholic Church?

365 Days With Mary – Our Lady of Pradelles. France (1538)

Antonia Salzano – Mother of Ven. Carlo Acutis. Miracle found for Carlo Acutis