The Patrick Madrid Show: March 10, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Tim in VA challenges Patrick to look into the Kolbe Foundation and study early creation theory. Patrick says he already has
  • Venomous snake bites man in Ireland for first time ever
  • Twitter users fear saying “OK Boomer” could be banned under new rules
  • Patrick asks Cyrus if he would eat meat grown in a petri dish
  • Caller: Kathy in FL asks if praying the Angelus should not be prayed in Lent
  • Caller: Rich in FL asks if a bishop has the authority to make changes in instruction on receiving Holy Communion
  • Caller: Victor in CA asks about the book, “Secrets,” and if creating a vision board is okay or too materialistic
  • A Catholic Church in Mexico was just attacked during the International Women’s Day demonstrations
  • Caller: Chuck in PA asks how to fight the sin of pride