The Patrick Madrid Show: March 10, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Special announcement from Fr. Rocky in the Holy Land: We have hit our goal of praying over 200 million Memorares over the past couple years for an end to abortion
  • Patrick reads 10 reasons why we ought not panic over the Coronavirus
  • Caller: Julie in MI asks why the book of Esther is different in a Catholic version of the Bible
  • Caller: Ann in IL asks for prayers because her 40 Days for Life group is being harassed
  • Caller: Frank in NYC asks for clarification on how much detail to share in confession
  • Caller: Betsy in WI asks for Patrick’s thoughts on switching adoption agencies from Catholic Charities to a protestant one because they haven’t had a placement in a year
  • Caller: Bonnie in TX asks about the Biblical stories of the resurrection and the flood, and how to defend that they literally happened and aren’t myths