The Patrick Madrid Show: March 10, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Karen in MN shares that she participated in 40 Days for Life this morning and she talks about the movie “Unplanned”
  • Caller: Luis in AZ gives insight on the situation in Mexico and why women feel the need to protest because of negligence from the government to bring justice for all the violence against women
  • Caller: Bruce asks for prayer
  • Caller: Alfredo in CA shares good news about pro life messaging and advertisements he’s seen
  • Caller: Bob in IL thinks as a Church we need to do more to promote and improve the adoption system because many mothers don’t see it as a viable option
  • Caller: Samantha in CA asks if the Coronavirus could be a punishment from God for the way we are living. She also asks how to discern if something is really true or not
  • Caller: Chuck in OH asks why women don’t wear veils in church anymore
  • Caller: Jerry in CA asks how to respond to his family members who say his faith is only a security blanket