The Patrick Madrid Show: March 11, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Dan in Washington D.C. confesses that he was not a good husband and in result his wife left him. He is heartbroken to realize his children have to suffer his consequences
  • Caller: Bernard in WI asks about discerning mortal sin and confessing it
  • Caller: Roger in CA says that his religion teacher said homosexuality is not a sin but a lifestyle that is okay
  • Caller: Mike in CA shares his perspective on receiving Holy Communion in light of the Coronavirus
  • Caller: Anthony in CA asks about the Catechism paragraph 460
  • Caller: Zoey in NV asks how to help her sister who doesn’t believe in God and thinks she is being punished in life because of her past
  • Caller: Gary in CA asks why the Catholic Church gives credence to Marian apparitions but doesn’t acknowledge the supernatural claims made in the Mormon or Muslim faiths