The Patrick Madrid Show: March 12, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Tom Hanks and Wife, Rita Wilson, Test Positive for Coronavirus in Australia
  • Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, makes statement that the health and well being of players and fans is more important than sports
  • Caller: Miguelita in CA shares a message of Our Lady of All Nations
  • Caller: Phil in CA thanks Patrick for his show and for devoting 4 minutes to his wife who died last year. Today would’ve been her birthday. He asks about fetal microchimerism and how Jesus remained in Mary her whole life (6:20) June 3 hour 2
  • Caller: Victor in CA thinks Catholics need to focus on prayer and then we won’t be so anxious about the Coronavirus
  • 9 ways to take safety precautions amidst spread of Coronavirus
  • Caller: Jerry in IL is glad his parish receives Communion at the kneeling rail and  hasn’t gotten caught up in the precautions of giving Communion in the hands
  • Caller: Nick in WI is doing his thesis on why climate change is a myth and asks Patrick for resources or verses in the Bible that support this