The Patrick Madrid Show: March 12, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Seattle archdiocese suspends all public Masses amid coronavirus pandemic
  • Millennial students think they’re invincible against Covid-19 and are taking advantage of cheap flights across the country as the virus targets the elderly
  • Caller: Gale in TX says she is going to Washington state because her husband is there for business and she will watch the Mass on EWTN
  • Caller: Adam says that we can pray for weather changes and God obliges
  • Caller: Sarah in WI is dismayed to hear that Washington has canceled Masses, but she also says it is so important to comply with these precautions
  • Caller: Juan in NY asks for what he can share with people to provide hope and direction, when he feels lost himself
  • Abraham Lincoln’s proclamation appointing a national fast day
  • Caller: Josephine in NJ asks about the book of Revelation and if what we are experiencing is the end times