The Patrick Madrid Show: March 17, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick says there is a cartoon going around showing a priest tossing Holy Communion over to a recipient a few feet away, and that it is blasphemous
  • Caller: Gabriel in WI is 9 years old and asks if the 10 Commandments are in a museum somewhere
  • Caller: Pat in MN is worried about her son’s upcoming ordination and her daughter’s wedding in light of the Coronavirus chaos
  • Caller: Emma in NV says her friend who is a nurse told her it’s good for people to sneeze because it gets bad germs out , as long as nobody else is around
  • Coronavirus vaccine test underway as U.S. volunteer gets first shot
  • Caller: Marie in MN asks if it would be sinful or disobedient to try to have a private Mass with a priest friend since all public Masses are cancelled
  • Caller: Mark in CT asks if he was testing the Lord asking for a miracle
  • Patrick shares the story of the apparition at Fatima