The Patrick Madrid Show: March 2, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick mentions the Coronavirus
  • Caller: Anne in CA asks if there can be an exception for someone to not abstain from meat on a Friday in Lent if they are a guest and meat is served
  • Caller: Tracy in AZ asks about praying “to Jesus through Mary”
  • Caller: Shannon in CA asks for clarification in Genesis 22 when it says Abraham would sacrifice his “only son”
  • Caller: Adam in IL says that Mary was chosen by God but she was not sinless. He says only Jesus was sinless.
  • Patrick explains Biblical interpretations and Mary’s immaculate conception
  • Caller: Jody in MO asks for a gift recommendation for her 17 year old son making his confirmation
  • Caller: Bunny in MO asks why Adam and Eve’s eyes were open to evil