The Patrick Madrid Show: March 2, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Listener email: Kelli in CA asks how it happened that there are so many different ethnicities but we’re all descendants of Adam and Eve
  • Caller: Sandra asks about spiritual pride and not understanding certain truths
  • Caller: Alan in FL is confused because he is in RCIA and wants to be confirmed, but his marriage hasn’t been annulled so he doesn’t know how to go about everything
  • Caller: Marilyn in MN is concerned because her daughter hasn’t raised her grandson in the faith. She asks if she can introduce the faith to him
  • Caller: Chuck in OH asks for clarification on the Last Supper being when Jesus instituted the priesthood, or sacrament of holy orders
  • Caller: Jordan in WI is protestant and disagrees with Patrick’s view of Mary
  • Caller says he was raised Baptist and Patrick invites him to continue listening to the program and to eventually become Catholic