The Patrick Madrid Show: March 2, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Barb in CA asks if blessed palms from Palm Sunday are sacramentals
  • Caller: John in MN asks if there is a book to help us convert Muslims
  • Caller: Elsa in CA asks for clarification on the correct way to fast
  • Caller: Sherry in CA is struggling because she was baptized in the Church but has been practicing Judaism. She is currently in RCIA. She asks for advice on what to identify as
  • Caller: Lori in CA asks about receiving Holy Communion at her parish on the tongue vs. the hand. Her priest seems irritated at her.
  • Caller: Mary in CA asks if before putting her deceased brother’s urn in a cemetery forever, can they stop at their house and pray with it one last time?
  • Caller: K.C. in CA asks if non-Catholics can go to Heaven, and if so, why be Catholic?