The Patrick Madrid Show: March 20, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Jana in KS asks if it is okay to let the candle go out next to the tabernacle
  • Caller: Bridget in MN thinks God smiles upon those who practice obedience and humility. She thinks it’s prideful for Catholics who want to go against the bishops’ decisions
  • Caller: Ann in IL thinks now is a prime time to show our gratitude for priests
  • Caller: Maggie in MN asks about the book of Revelation and if we are in the end times
  • Caller: Tracy in MI wonders if the ache many of us have for the Eucharist is similar to the feeling souls have in Purgatory aching for union with Jesus in Heaven
  • Caller: Bill in IL asks if his understanding of “The Lady” who appeared to St. Bernadette being “the Immaculate Conception” is what validated the apparition to be legitimate
  • Patrick wonders if this time is a gift from God to get back on track with prayer and reflection to prepare for something else, even more serious coming later