The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick, Cyrus, and Kaylyn share how their weekend went in quarantine
  • In a home video, Neil Diamond changes the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” to relate to keeping healthy during the Coronavirus
  • Relevant Radio has launched a Prayer vs. Pandemic campaign
  • Caller: Rhonda in CA asks if exorcising holy water is an antidote to the Coronavirus
  • Caller: J.C. in TX just got off a cruise ship and says that she felt the precautions on the ship seemed safer and more thorough than the airport and airplane afterward
  • Soundbite: Young people are not immune. New tests in NY show that nearly half of all cases are younger people.
  • Patrick makes note of a photo collage with Italian nurses who have bruised faces from wearing masks and he thanks all healthcare professionals for their sacrifices
  • Caller: Suzanne in MN sees this time as a personal retreat time which she really needed
  • Landlord decreases rent to $100 during coronavirus outbreak