The Patrick Madrid Show: March 23, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Soundbite: Is it safe to eat food that’s been delivered? Can a microwave kill it?
  • Patrick shares how he disinfected groceries delivered to his door
  • Caller: Mary in NJ is a Catechist for kids who are making their first reconciliation and communion. Last year, one of the kids never showed up for reconciliation but did show up for Holy Communion
  • Caller: Carol in CA thinks Patrick is going way overboard with his precautions during COVID-19
  • Lost sense of smell may be peculiar clue to coronavirus infection
  • Caller: Linda in MI shares that she puts her groceries in the bathtub and washes them down
  • Caller: Bill in NY asks if there is a correlation between idolatry with the Pachamama and the coronavirus
  • Listener asks how to find a priest to baptize her two week old baby during the quarantine
  • Caller: Judy in PA asks if there is an old age where a person can be exempt from the Sunday obligation, even if they technically are able to go