The Patrick Madrid Show: March 25, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Swiss hotel offers luxury quarantine package including $500 coronavirus test
  • Patrick talks about the Prayer vs. Pandemic campaign
  • Caller: Jody in NV says Relevant Radio has changed her life. She asks if she can pray the rosary silently in her heart, how specific she should be confessing sins, and what kind of beads should be used for the Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Amazon suspends 3,900 accounts for price gouging amid pandemic
  • Caller: Cesar in CA asks for help discerning the ethics and right thing to do about his dad, Marcelino, who is on a ventilator and near end of life
  • Listener on Twitter asks, if Pope Francis is able to dispense the obligation to be present at Mass, why isn’t he able to dispense the requirement to be physically present for confession?
  • Caller: Mary Grace in FL asks if a plenary indulgence can be applied to a soul in purgatory
  • Caller: Gill in NY asks if we can do a spiritual confession like we make a spiritual communion