The Patrick Madrid Show: March 27, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Hugh Montgomery explains why this virus is different than the ordinary flu
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, has symptoms of the Coronavirus and is self isolating but will work from home
  • Patrick shares a story from his time working at department store Sears, when a man came in looking for a wrench
  • Caller: Julie in the MW asks if a plenary indulgence can be applied to two souls in purgatory or just one
  • Caller: Yolie in CA asks if St. Dismas, the Good Thief on the cross next to Jesus, was the first person in Heaven
  • Caller: Scott in AZ asks about the Council of Trent
  • Caller: Annabelle in IL is 8 years old and asks if singing is a more powerful form of prayer