The Patrick Madrid Show: March 3, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Soundbite: NBC’s Tom Costello reports that over 100 Coronavirus cases confirmed in US; more deaths in Washington State
  • Patrick reads all the ways you can-and can’t-catch the coronavirus according to PopScience’s report of research from a number of scientists
  • Soundbite: What are travelers’ rights if they need to change travel plans?
  • Caller: Teresa in TX had a trip planned for next Friday to Italy but was told they would be quarantined and not able to come back.
  • Patrick mentions a novel from 39 years ago called “The Eyes of Darkness.” There is a chapter that references a deadly virus called Wuhan. Is it a coincidence that the current Coronavirus began in Wuhan, China?
  • Patrick compares taking health precautions to avoid the Coronavirus to taking precautions to avoid sin and going out of one’s way to escalate one’s spiritual life