The Patrick Madrid Show: March 3, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Kentucky student offers to give bonus points to classmate with lowest score, teacher says
  • Caller: Gerald in FL has been an extraordinary minister for decades and says it is not unusual to get saliva on his hand
  • Caller: Charles in NM wishes the USCCB would come out with a document stating one’s freedom to choose to attend Sunday Mass or not because of the Coronavirus
  • Caller: Gina in RI says she washes her dollar bills with rubbing alcohol
  • Caller: Karen in IL goes to the Novus Ordo during the week and the Tridentine form Mass on Sundays and has compared the way the priests place the host on tongue
  • Caller: Deacon Martin says people have almost bit his fingers and that people need to learn how to receive communion on the tongue properly
  • Caller” Teresa in MN is Maronite Catholic and says they only receive communion via intinction on the tongue and sometimes he touches your lip