The Patrick Madrid Show: March 30, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Dyson designs new ventilator to fight coronavirus pandemic
  • Guess what’s flying off shelves now: hair dye
  • Caller: Annie in WI encourages women to go through their closets during quarantine and get rid of anything immodest
  • Caller: Josh in ME has a company that has a supply of sanitizing wipes and offers to donate some to Relevant Radio
  • Caller: John in MI says he and his family had a power outage last night for 4 hours and it made them wonder of the “3 days of darkness.” What are Patrick’s thoughts? (Luke 21)
  • Patrick talks about homeschooling his 11 kids
  • Caller: Sharon in MI talks about Daniel 12:4 which says to keep the prophecies in secret