The Patrick Madrid Show: March 4, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Kenny in CA asks about making a good confession
  • Caller: Gary in NJ wonders if people who have a hard time accepting or forming a devotion to the Blessed Mother might be because they have a hard time respecting women in their personal life
  • Caller: Kevin in PA asks for a book recommendation for his daughter who practices yoga
  • Caller: Joshua in NM asks if he should forego receiving the Eucharist until the Coronavirus is over since he is only required to once a year at Easter
  • Caller: Allison in CA asks if our confessed sins will be revealed publicly at the Last Judgment
  • Caller: Jennifer in WI asks if angels have souls
  • Caller: Joe in CA thanks Patrick for his discussion with caller Adam in Hour 1. He says he loved listening and learned a lot
  • Caller: Jason in TX asks for a secular resource to give his brother on negatives of cohabitation
  • Caller: Shane in WI is Lutheran and a first time listener. He asks for teaching on cremation and purgatory