The Patrick Madrid Show: March 5, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Lauro in Bakersfield, CA – why is the sign of peace different in various places? He also asks if we should not use Holy Water for fear of the coronavirus?
  • Marie in Covina, CA – does the Church require you to contact an ex-spouse before you can sign up for RCIA?
  • Rose in Chula Vista, CA – why did they sprinkle ashes on top of head instead of forehead?
  • Susie in Torrance, CA needs help understanding Sodom and Gomorrah passage for her 15 year-old son
  • Pete in Fon du lac, WI thanks Patrick for introducing him to The Waltons
  • Maria in Arizona says she understands the coronavirus is dangerous, but should that alter the way we receive the sacramental?
  • Augustine called from Citrus Heights, CA asks if the folks at Relevant Radio really pray for people. Patrick assures him that we do. The caller than comments on his experience of talking to people of other religions at his front door