The Patrick Madrid Show: March 6, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick shares his personal in-depth movie review of “The Two Popes,” analyzing various scenes
  • Caller: Ashley in KY was recently debating with her mother-in-law on The Two Popes, and she thought it was more of a documentary than a movie. How can she inform her?
  • Caller: Ed in IL hasn’t seen the movie but he says he’s not surprised Hollywood has framed the story with an agenda
  • Caller: Karen in NJ went to confession recently and the priest scolded her for making him stay later than the scheduled time and missing his appointment. He said the act of contrition for her. She asks if it was a valid confession.
  • Caller:  Karen in IL thanks Patrick for his analysis. She thinks as a society we don’t think so critically anymore, but we should

This is an Encore Presentation