The Patrick Madrid Show: March 9, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick explains exactly what Catholics mean when they use the word apologetics, and it’s not apologizing for being Catholic
  • Patrick talks about his experience visiting various airports over the weekend and how the Coronavirus is changing the way people travel. Hand sanitizer is nowhere to be found, and people are wearing face-masks. The important thing to remember here is to stay in a state of grace. Go to confession and go to Mass.
  • Mike in Milroy, MN asks at what point does the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Christ?
  • Teresa from Tabernacle, NJ needs help understanding 3rd luminous mystery
  • Joe in Los Angeles called in to talk about a Netflix show where Jesus is gay. Should we cancel Netflix?
  • Patrick shares audio of Busy Phillips screaming to a crowd how having an abortion at the age of 15 is why she’s so successful.