What the Devil Fears; Subtle Discrimination becomes Blatant Persecution 3.4.20

What the Devil Fears; How Subtle Discrimination becomes Blatant Persecution; Houses Large and Fine with Nobody Living There; The Obedience of St Joseph

  • When you start fasting and increase the discipline, the Devil is actually fearful of you.
  • A young man’s insight on Isaiah 5. “In my hearing the LORD of hosts has sworn: Many houses shall be in ruins, houses large and fine, with nobody living there.”
  • Member of the Finnish Parliament, Päivi Räsänen, is questioned by police because of her beliefs about marriage. How do subtle discrimination become blatant persecution?
  • The only way that St Joseph can be a suitable head of the Holy Family, is being obedient himself. Inside of a religious community, a leadership position is also a position of service.