WHO declares Coronavirus as a pandemic

  • Hour 1 of 3-11-20
  • The WHO has now declared the Coronavirus as a pandemic. They didn’t want to, so they reluctantly came to this decision. We can’t give into the panic of it all, but we do need to take this seriously. Dr. Bob Tiballi gives an update on this, and he separates the difference between the common flu and this virus. He says that this is definitely worse than a normal flu. Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove spoke at a WHO press conference today, assuring that the team is doing everything they can to investigate what can be done to limit the potential spread of this virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci is the central expert on the Coronavirus, and he told Congress today that if this spread is not contained, millions could be affected. Learn what you can do to stay safe.
  • Joe Biden walked away with a pretty decisive victory last night, claiming a win in more states than Sen. Bernie Sanders. Most importantly, Biden pulled off a win in Michigan, which Sen. Sanders won 4 years ago. Sanders said he will not bow out yet, and he is upset that votes are choosing Biden over him while saying Biden is the safe candidate. Sanders is less likely to win the nomination now, but it does beg the question… what would happen if there is a brokered convention? Dr. Timothy Hagle gives his thoughts.