Will Biden be the nominee?

  • Hour 1 of 3-27-20
  • The president again brought up his desire to get the economy rolling again; he said that this nation is not meant to sit around. However, he stressed that when Americans do go back to their daily lives, the basic guidelines of social distancing won’t go away right away. Dr. Deborah Birx also spoke recently, explaining that the actual death rates have not been as high as what was actually predicted. Still, the US remains committed and more supplies are on their way. Get this news and more in a Coronavirus roundup. Dr. John Littell also joins the show to give perspective. He explains the symptoms of COVID and says that not everyone should be tested. He says “99 percent of those who have COVID will be just fine.”
  • Do you think it’s possible that Gov Andrew Cuomo could end up becoming the Democratic nominee? Do you think Biden is just a placeholder? Biden has criticized President Trump in his handling of the crisis and explained what he would do better. However, there is some talk about him not getting the Democratic nomination. Some have praised Gov. Cuomo’s leadership in this crisis and want him to be the one to face the president in the next election. Time will tell what happens, but for now, hear what Dr. Paul Kengor has to say on this and more.