20th anniversary of St. Faustina’s canonization

  • Hour 1 of 4-30-20
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci gave you an update on vaccine testing in the US; they are continuing to investigate possible options. VP Mike Pence is in Kokoma, IN today and he met with ventilator producers GM and Ventec Life Systems – he thanked them for the incredible work they have done in helping to slow the spread and bring about great progress. President Trump said yesterday that he believes the economy will be in great shape after all of this is done – do you agree? Get this audio and more.
  • Sadly, former VP Joe Biden said that he believes abortion is essential health care in this time. Crazy! He said “health care delayed is health care denied.” Pray for his conversion. As pro-abortion advocates are trying to keep abortion as essential service during COVID, some are fighting back. Erick Kardaal updates you on the progress being made in MN as they are pushing back against the abortion machine. He agrees that it is illogical to allow abortion but not other services which are far more essential.
  • Today we celebrate the 20th anniversary of St. Faustina’s canonization! Join Drew and Fr. Nicholas Federspiel as they talk about her sainthood and legacy. What was her personality like? What was her background? Also, Father explains the story of the girl on the train who was impacted by this great saint. St. Faustina said that the two greatest obstacles to holiness are discouragement and exaggerated anxiety. Do you struggle with these? Bring it before the Lord today on this the anniversary of St. Faustina’s canonization.