Apple and Google monitoring phones to see who is social distancing

  • Hour 3 of 4-21-20
  • Have you heard that Google and Apple may be tracking you to see if you are social distancing or at risk of getting the virus?  This is an effort to let you know if you have COVID, and it will be alerting people but keeping them anonymous. Does this bother you? Dr. Anne Cavoukian explains why she is OK with this, but adds the concerns and stipulations she has. She encourages you to protect your privacy throughout this pandemic and resist new privacy threats from drones, tattoos, and microchips.
  • So when it comes to this pandemic, you might find yourself at one extreme or the other. You may be adamant about following every guideline to a T, or you are getting antsy and want this country to reopen. Where you are right now? Are you in the middle? Do you see a healthy balance? Cardinal Dolan gave a great homily at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and he talked about the balance between faith and reason. Hear this homily as well as the latest presidential press conference.