Approaching Holy Week in a pandemic

  • Hour 1 of 4-7-20
  • Have you heard how many people have been tested in the states? What is your guess? The president has that number. Hear what he said in last night’s press conference regarding this and why America’s cases are so high. Experts say that the data appears to show some curve flattening. VP Mike Pence shares some good news and encourages continued social distancing to bring the curve down even more. Dr. Deborah Birx, the response team coordinator, provided an update on which cities are seeing the worst of the virus right now. Get this audio and Drew’s expert commentary.
  • Good news! Cardinal Pell has been vindicated! He was the target of the priestly abuse scandal in Australia, and yet it seemed rather apparent that he was innocent. While we mourn for all victims of abuse, Cardinal Pell was truly innocent and deserved to be treated fairly and given justice. Praised God that this outcome occured. Dr. Matthew Bunson reports on this and explains the political, social, and future ramifications. He is asked what he believes the Vatican’s response will be.
  • Are you struggling to hold on to hope right now? Sad that you can’t get to Church at all for Holy Week? These are unprecedented times and some might believe that the Lord is not there. Enter into this Holy Week with a renewed sense of trust in the Lord, that He is bringing good out of this situation even when it doesn’t seem like it. Msgr James Shea gives his priestly advice and counsel.