Beware of scammers

  • Hour 1 of 4-13-20
  • President Trump said in his press conference on Friday that the US is lucky overall; the death toll could have been a lot higher, he says. But it looks like it won’t go above what was reported to be the minimum rate, which was 10,000. Trump also mentioned where the US is at regarding the Hydroxychloroquine; listen to that as well as where the US is at with testing. Drew reports on the possibility that you can get COVID more than once. President Trump on Friday announced news that he plans to start a task force which will be dedicated to opening up the country. He said that the decision as to whether or not to reopen has been the “most difficult one to make.” Can you imagine being in his shoes right now having to decide that? Here’s what he said regarding the task force.
  • It is more than important than ever to be aware of possible scams. If you are waiting to get your refund, don’t go anywhere other than this site. People might try to contact you independently with inquiries on your taxes, SBI loans, and even vacation refunds! But this is a time to be diligent and know what to do and how to respond. Colleen Tressler gives you helpful advice.
  • When a person dies, does the brain lose consciousness immediately, or can a person have the ability to know they are dead? Dr. Jeffrey Long explains what he has found.  A caller named Kristen claims that a near death experience is not true death.Does a horrific death mean that the soul is tormented when it goes into afterlife? You might be surprised by the answer! Linda asks why God is referred to as a “pure white light.”