Cases going up?

  • Hour 1 of 4-3-20
  • Half of the world is on lockdown! Some rural areas throughout the world are not, which is puzzling to some health experts. There are more than a million cases reported in the world, but we have also crossed the million mark in our Prayer vs. Pandemic campaign! The cases are increasing in America, but they could be going up in other countries as well though they may not be as forthright about it. The president started out the press conference yesterday stressing the importance of continually following the guidelines being set forth. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the president wants you to know that. Hear what he has to say on this and more.
  • Gov. Jeff Colyer joins the show; he is the former Governor of Kansas, a surgeon who has been helping the Trump administration in this crisis and also worked in 30 war zones. He says that we “are using God’s ingenuity to help us deal with this.” The doctor believes that the curve will flatten eventually; “by the summer the virus should be transmitted less.” Leading up until Christmas however, he says there is a possibility that there might be a resurgence of the virus. What will help, he believes, is having several vaccines tested, not just a few. You’ll get an update on the effectiveness and supply of masks. He says “it may not protect you but it will protect others.” Get faith, insight, and hope from this medical professional.
  • In Lakewood, NY, police broke up a funeral for a rabbi since there were far too many people crowded in. There have been pastors of megachurches continuing large religious services. Can you still have your religious worship and find ways to social distance? Mayor de Blasio of NY has threatened to shut said churches down permanently if they continue to violate. Ryan Tucker of ADF joins Drew to talk about these implications and the relationship between church and state. He calls us to make sure that churches are not unnecessarily targeted. He adds that you usually can’t have definite permanent closures of churches in these cases from a constitutional standpoint.