Coronavirus roundup

  • Hour 1 of 4-23-20
  • Hear audio from yesterday’s press conference. VP Mike Pence will give you an update on the decline in cases we are seeing right now in the US. Good news if you are a small business owner! President Trump said that the Senate reached a deal which would allow a replenishment of funds for businesses. President Trump has also signed the executive order halting immigration into our country, saying he wants to save American jobs. Dr Anthony Fauci wants to remind you that as much as you may be antsy and anxious to return to normalcy in your life, we can’t look at it as a mere light switch. We need to take our time reopening.
  • Drew is joined by Fr. Francis Hoffman, chief executive officer of Relevant Radio, better known as Fr. Rocky. They talk about the pros and cons of quarantine and what can we all walk away with from this experience. They also get into the St. Joseph Novena which is starting today! You can sign up here.  Fr. Rocky shares the story of how he grew in his devotion to St. Joseph and how his intercession can help you. Listen to a testimony from a mom who was impacted by St. Joseph.