COVID & Abortion, Pro-Life Advocates, Everyday Heroes 4.16.20

  • Justin Reeder, Denise Harle: ‘Love Life USA’ director, ADF legal counsel explain Greensboro police arrest of four men on prayer walk outside an abortion clinic (apparently still considered an essential service), lawsuit stating religious organizations don’t forfeit their constitutional rights during times of crisis.
  • Mallory Quigley: Susan B. Anthony pro-life organization warns Americans about ‘the other looming deadly crisis, chemical self-abortions’; abortion lobby pushing hard for what they tout as ‘easy’, ‘self-managed’, ‘at home abortions’ (without medical oversight), especially during COVID crisis.
  • Karen Moran: And now, the good news; sharing initiatives, actions people are taking to help others, show appreciation for healthcare workers, first responders, essential services workers who deserve our gratitude.