COVID’s impact on the environment

  • Hour 1 of 4-1-20
  • President Trump was honest and straightforward that these next two weeks would be tough. He is focused on keeping the death toll down as much as possible. Dr Deborah Birx, the response coordinator, detailed the models being designed which give you a helpful understanding of just how important mitigation is in limiting the spread over the next month. Hear what she says as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci.
  • Did you hear about the 101 year old Italian man who has survived both the Spanish flu and the Coronavirus? He is a fighter! He goes by the name, Dr. P, and you can read about him here. Drew talks about him and mentions this amazing traffic map. The article shows just how much traffic has cleared up and made cities and roads a ghost town!
  • Can anything good come out of COVID-19? Perhaps one thing is that the carbon footprint seems to have been lowered. There has been a noticeable change in the environment. Smog in Asia has been reduced. The question is, will it last? Bill Patenaude joins the show to give his thoughts. He says he does not necessarily applaud these changes because the “end doesn’t justify the means.” People are suffering right now, and some are even dying. He says that humans should be our primary focus over the environment. However, he adds that perhaps we can learn from this and make some positive changes which will continue in the future after this crisis is over. You can read his article here.
  • Do you follow John Tesh? Did you know that he credits faith and the Bible in his life? He says it saved him from suicide and other hardships like cancer. You can read about it here!