Credit bureaus still reporting missed payments

  • Hour 1 of 4-28-20
  • Hear audio of VP Mike Pence speaking with the staff at Mayo Clinic today. Testing has exponentially increased over the past few months – listen to his update he gave at Mayo. He also shared the progress the Blood Plasma Access Program has made, which takes blood from people who have recovered from COVID. He encourages you to consider giving blood if you have gotten over the virus.
  • Hear audio from yesterday’s press conference. President Trump and his task force have been committed to helping governors prepare to reopen their states – he said that most of them have done a terrific job. Also, listen to President Trump speak to some small business owners. He assures them that he wants to continue to help them and find them the relief they need to get going again. He is also joined by his daughter Ivanka Trump.
  • Credit bureaus are still reporting missed payments. You might be upset to hear this – you would hope that they would wave the payments, right? What do you do if you are struggling to pay rent and stay up on payments? Is there any hope for your credit score? Paul Oster, a consumer advocate, understands that you didn’t expect COVID to happen. He explains what the credit bureaus are thinking in this time and how to stay financially smart for the future.