Divine Mercy Sunday

  • Hour 3 of 4-16-20
  • The promises of Divine Mercy have been followed by Drew for almost 30 years now! He is joined by Fr. Francis Hoffman to talk about the importance of Divine Mercy Sunday and how you can still receive a plenary indulgence without access to the sacraments. Drew and Father talk about St. Faustina, JPII, and how they helped to spread this message. They also get into this shutdown and what to make of not being able to get to Mass right now. They share their personal opinions on this.
  • Dem. Rep. Tim Ryan has proposed that continued financial stimulus be sent out to individuals. How does 2000 dollars sound to you? He has suggested that because the funds are starting to run out, phase two of financial benefits be made available to the American people, especially to help those who can’t work right now. Dr. Robert Kennedy weighs in.