Divine Mercy Sunday cont.

  • Hour 3 of 4-17-20
  • Divine Mercy Sunday is this weekend! This Sunday will be like a full baptism! Wipe your slate clean. Learn what the requirements are for this special day. If you can’t get to the Sacraments right now but still want to fulfill the requirements for Divine Mercy Sunday, Fr. Chris Alar explains here. You may not be able to receive the Eucharist this weekend for Divine Mercy Sunday, but Fr. Chris Alar advised you to pray this: an important prayer for your salvation! “Lord Jesus Christ, You promised St. Faustina that the soul that has been to Confession [I’m unable, but I made an Act of Contrition] and the soul that receives Holy Communion [I’m unable, but I made a Spiritual Communion] will receive the complete forgiveness of all sins and punishment. Please, Lord Jesus Christ, give me this grace.”
  • Have you sealed your doorpost with the Divine Mercy Image? (If a priest is not available, lay people can give their own blessing.) “Lord Jesus Christ, I am asking for your blessing upon this image. Please bless it in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”
  • Questions about Divine Mercy Sunday from callers – Does the grace from last year’s Divine Mercy Sunday still apply? How soon do you have to get to Confession in order for it to count? Hear these answers and more.
  • Finance Friday with Peter Grandich! What are we to make of the economy throughout this pandemic? Will it shift back to what it was before or is the worst to come? Get Peter’s thoughts on this, the market forecast, and why he is not so optimistic about the future.