Family Dynamics During Pandemic Stay Home Orders 4.14.20

  • Dr. Meg Meeker: Coronavirus: What to do as a parent; children look to parents for important information, instructions on what to do, and to know their family is going to be ok; family dynamics during nationwide ‘shut in’; best practices for being home together (especially college kids who had left home for school).
  • Caller, Rick: Daughter battling anorexia. What can i do right now? Spiritually mentally?
  • Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons: ‘Stay home’ orders, pandemic, work and social life changes cause a lot of people anxiety; underlying, unresolved relationship issues may surface, requiring couples to face their anger or fears, seek and extend forgiveness; seeing the opportunities in this crisis.
  • Caller, Catherine: I live alone.  I had a meltdown this morning. Caller, Joanna: Everything my husband does annoys me. I’m a clean freak.