Food banks running low

  • Hour 1 of 4-14-20
  • Dr. Deborah Birx, the task force response coordinator, was happy to report that aside from the large number of cases in the NY region, other metro areas are showing a drop in the curve. Dr. Deborah Birx also reiterated the fact that the US is continuing to see low mortality rates. Another thing President Trump brought up yesterday was when and how the economy will begin to be reopened again. Do you think it should start to happen in the coming weeks? Get connected to this audio and more.
  • Have you been dealing with a food shortage in your area? What is being done to address this alarming problem? Michael Guerra reports.
  • Hey are you surprised it took this long for Obama to get behind Biden? Did you think you’d ever hear that happen? Why do you think he waited so long? What might be even more shocking is Sen. Sanders getting behind Biden! What is your reaction to this news? In fact Sanders joined Biden on CNN today and sang his praises. A few weeks ago, though, Sanders told CBS’ Stephen Colbert that he wants to help Biden move farther to the left. Dr. Paul Kengor joins Drew to talk about this and the CBS reporter who showed extreme disrespect to the president yesterday.