Fr. Patrick Peyton

  • Hour 1 of 4-15-20
  • President Trump made the surprising announcement yesterday that the US would be temporarily halting funds to the WHO. The president went on to say that the WHO worked with China to spread inaccurate information. Another thing President Trump brought up yesterday was when and how the economy will begin to be reopened again. Do you think it should start to happen in the coming weeks? He says it might happen before May 1st in some states. President Trump stressed how relieved he is that the death toll has been lower than originally estimated. Get connected to this audio and get the latest COVID news.
  • So how are you feeling about the Stay at Home orders? Do you think they should be lengthened? There have been some protesting the government overreach and they have been calling for an end to the shutdown. How does do the orders fit in constitutionally? Are they going far beyond what is even acceptable? Mark Miller explains how this all fits in from a legal standpoint, and he says that quarantine laws are allowed, but when grocery stores are given more allowance than churches, that is where legal action can be taken.
  • Fr. Patrick Peyton was a Holy Cross priest who started Family Theater Productions. He talked about the importance of the Rosary and said “The family that prays together stays together.” Family Theater has produced a documentary called Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton, which you can learn more about here. Fr. David Guffey has many great stories to share about Fr. Peyton, including his interactions with Hollywood stars from the golden days. Drew and Father Guffey also talk about how prayer can change the world.