Health implications of opening our country

  • Hour 1 of 4-24-20
  • As some states are gearing up to reopen, is the nation ready from a health safety point of view? Aside from politics, the questions about COVID’s ability to creep back later this year have arisen. Deacon Dr. Timothy Flanigan looks at this from a medical point of view. He sees the need to continue social distancing and smart hygiene choices. However, he also sees the urgency for the economy to reopen. How do we as a nation balance these two extremes? They discuss this and more.
  • Stopping Planned Parenthood in rural Minnesota. Brian Gibson reports! He has been a fighter for life and updates you on the latest battles he has had with Planned Parenthood in his area.
  • Joel Recznik shares the exciting news from Franciscan University of OH. As Fr. Dave Pivonka, the president of the school explains, he wants to give incoming freshmen some hope. So he and the staff are planning on covering tuition for all incoming freshmen! Please pray for this endeavor! Joel explains more.