Is Kim Jung-un ill?

  • Hour 1 of 4-21-20
  • President Trump began his press conference yesterday with good news overall, that rates continue to go down. President Trump also said that elective treatments in some hospitals will once again be allowed soon, depending on how many COVID cases are in that particular area. Are you ready for the country to reopen? Do you believe it should happen sooner than later? Does it depend on the tests available? Testing rates continue to be increased in the country! Listen to the latest numbers. Also, when it comes to the Paycheck Protection Program, you might have concerns about the funds running out. But the president assured you that he continues to press Congress to bring about a replenishment of funds. Listen to this as well as the latest immigration news coming out of the administration.
  • We hope you are praying for the conversion of Kim Jung-un. Reports are coming out that he may be seriously ill. Some other reports indicate otherwise, but he is known to be a heavy smoker. What does this mean for North Korea in the future? Greg Scarlatiou joins for discussion.
  • Pope Francis has recently warned against an over reliance on live streamed Masses, saying that ‘this is not the Church.’ Concerns exist that in the future, people will get lax and not go back to attending Mass in a church. Do you rely on too much technology in our faith? How can we keep Jesus the center throughout this pandemic? Hear great wisdom from Msgr James Shae. He also talks about what his university is experiencing right now without the students on campus. He reminds us that this emptiness and loneliness is not and should not be the norm; we are meant for community.
  • Dr. Anthony Clark reflects on the Chinese martyrs of Wuhan. You can read about it here. It reads: “China’s first canonized saint was martyred by suffocation on a cross in Wuhan, the epicenter of today’s coronavirus pandemic.” He compares their heroic action with what is happening now with COVID.