Kim Jong-un update

  • Get a Coronavirus news update, and then a report on Kim Jong un.
  • As you can imagine the mainstream media took President Trump’s claim/question about Lysol and disinfectants and ran with it, probably too far. The president told reporters on Friday that he was being sarcastic. Do you believe he was? Even still, Dr. Deborah Birx, the response coordinator, defended the president and told CNN that this story is being blown out of proportion. Hear about this and the good news the president has to share in terms of a curve flattening.
  • Greg Scarlatiou reports on the health and status of Kim Jong-un – is he really dead? South Korea is saying that he is alive. Scarlatiou adds that he has been “social distancing” along with his entire clan. However, if he indeed does die, who would take his place? His sister? Get connected to this and more.
  • The cost of Social Security is going up at an alarming rate! It appears it could possibly exceed its income. This was reported even before COVID, so now one would think SS is even more in dire state. What will it take to fix it? Will you have to put off retirement or just pass it up altogether? James Capretta gives you his thoughts.