Lesson 33: The Lord’s Prayer

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Do you know why the Our Father is called the Lord’s Prayer?

Hi, this is Fr. Rocky, with our Thirty Third Lesson on the Mass.

Our Lord's Prayer painting

The Our Father is called the “Lord’s Prayer” because it was given to us by Jesus Christ, Our Lord.  He composed it. That’s why we stand up to pray it all together.

And did you know there are seven petitions in the Our Father?  The first three are more theological and draw us toward the glory of the Father, and the last four commend our wretchedness to his grace.  You can read more about those petitions in the Catechism of the Catholic Church or in Pope Benedict XVI’s first volume on the Gospels. It was Pope Benedict XVI who pointed out that “we are at our most attentive in prayer when we are driven by some inner need to ask God for something.”

Ask God for good things, lots of good things, because God is our Good Father.

P.S. Why is the Our Father such a powerful prayer? Find out in this article from the archives!

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