Lesson 36: The Best ‘Secret’ Prayer

Listen to today’s Lenten Lesson:

Remember those ‘secret’ prayers?  This is my favorite.

Hi, this is Fr. Rocky, with our Thirty Sixth Lesson on the Mass.

Boy and dog praying bedtime prayers

After the faithful sing or recite the “Lamb of God, Grant us Peace,” pay close attention to what the priest celebrant is doing.  He bows his head, folds his hands, and prays what I consider the most magnificent of the ‘secret’ prayers, in order to prepare himself to receive Holy Communion worthily and fruitfully.  Here it is:

Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of the living God,
who by the will of the Father
and the work of the Holy Spirit,
through your Death gave life to the world,
free me by this, your most Holy Body and Blood,
from all my sins and from every evil;
keep me always faithful to your commandments,
and never let me be parted from you.

“And never let ME be parted from YOU.” That just about sums it up, doesn’t it?  There’s nothing more important than being united to Jesus Christ.

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